Company Overview

Welcome to Vesta Biotherapeutics,LLC – a global life sciences company dedicated to advancing cell therapies for regenerative medicine and providing stem cell-based model systems for a wide variety of cell types and applications for drug discovery and basic research all produced in our cGMP laboratories.

Our models systems have been designed to simplify your access to this powerful new technology. We offer user-friendly kits and assay-ready cells that incorporate high quality stem/progenitor cells matched with optimally formulated media for diverse biological applications. In addition, we will partner with you to customize our products for your specific application, produce a bank of cells for your applications or develop new stemcell lines for your needs.   Finally, you may also benefit from our extensive stem cell expertise through other services we provide, including training and consulting.

In addition to stem cell technology, we have extensive expertise in formulating and manufacturing cell culture media.  Each media is formulated for a specific stage in the cell development for growth, differentiation and maintenance.  We offer our services to work with you to develop and produce media specific to your needs. These revolutionary tools are changing modern cell biology.  Let us supply the functional cells you need to make discoveries that are physiologically relevant.

The Team