Richard Malavarca
Memorialized Legacy

The late Richard Malavarca together with Marsha Roach developed the foundation upon which Vesta Biotherapeutics sits.  Mr. Malavarca brought over 30years of experience in research and product development in both academic and commercial laboratories including Harvard medical school, the Roche institute, and Merck providing his knowledge in developing the clean room and media production program making it possible to become cGMP with ease.  Richard trained Kara Cyr and Justin Beam making it possible for a seamless transition after his passing.  

Mr.Malavarca founded Specialty Media, the first company to introduce commercial media for murine embryos as well as murine embryonic stem cells. In addition, he was co-founder of Cell and Molecular Technologies, a CRO which developed animal models, cell lines, and supplied ready to use cells to pharmaceutical companies for cell based high throughput screening. Mr. Malavarca will forever be remembered as a vital part of who we are. His legacy lives on.