Kara Cyr
Director of Quality Control/Assurance

Kara Cyr is the Director of Quality Control/Assurance at Vesta Biotherapeutics.  In this position, Mrs. Cyr leads all Quality Compliance for the Vesta cGMP laboratories. Prior to joining Vesta Biotherapeutics, Mrs. Cyr led a large-scale medical device manufacturing laboratory and human embryo culture media production laboratory giving Mrs. Cyr over a decade of experience in regulatory compliance.

Early in her career upon graduation from Eastern Connecticut State University with her BS, Mrs. Cyr was mentored by Richard Malavarca, the founder of Specialty Media and co-founder of PhoenixSongs Biologicals now Vesta Biotherapeutics for the development and production of cell culture media formulations.  In addition, she mentored with Marsha Roach isolating, developing and culturing multiple lines of neural and hepatic stem cells.  Reconnecting once again, Mrs. Cyr joined the Vesta Biotherapeutics team in early 2022.