Justin Beam
Vice President Culture Media Production

Vice President of Culture Media Development and Production, Justin Beam has the principal responsibility for the development and production of media formulations for the growth, differentiation and maintenance of novel cellular models and stem cell-based model systems as well as client interactions with customers to develop and manufacture their cell culture media on a contract basis.

Mr. Beam mentored with Richard Malavarca, founder of Specialty Media and co-founder of PhoenixSongs Biologicals, for development and production of both in house media formulations and customer’s custom media formulations. Mr. Beam continues to follow the tutelage of Mr. Malavarca providing high quality media for cellular application. In addition, Mr. Beam mentored with Ms. Roach culturing multiple lines of neural and hepatic stem cells.

Mr. Beam received his BS in biology from Southern Connecticut State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude and was the recipient of the Rachel Carson Book award for excellence in Ecology.